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United States
July 2, 2010 2:32pm CST
Okay, so I've been a member of Helium for a few months now, and have only written three articles on it. Still, I've made a little bit of money off of those. What I'm wondering is, how do I get more writing stars so I can get more money per article? I can get plenty of rating stars, but... the writing stars have me confused. Can any of you myLotters help me, please? Thanks!
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10 Jul 10
I recently joined Helium also and am working towards my first star. I have 11 articles, 81% of which are in competitive titles, so I am not entirely sure what I need to do. I am however enjoying writing and learning whilst I am figuring it out. If there are people with pointers for us 'newbies' I am sure it would be greatly appreciated by us all.
@Sandra1952 (6052)
• Spain
4 Jul 10
Hello, SilverFerret, and welcome to MyLot. The writing stars depend on your writing score. To build up stars, write to titles with lots of articles that you know quite a bit about, so that your article will rise through the ranks. I'm now a 5 starred writer, but because my writing score was slipping a little, I wrote to a title with 27 articles already. Within a day, my writing score had gone up by over 1%, so it does work. Take the time to build up your article portfolio and your writing stars, then you can look at writing to titles with less than 5 articles to earn upfront payments. It's not worth doing that until you have at least 1 writing star, though. Concentrate on things you know about to build up your score.
@sunnyp1 (60)
• Ireland
4 Jul 10
Hi SilverFerret. Helium is a great site, but it is confusing at first! To maximise your earning potential you need to consult the Helium Help Centre website. There is a link in the sidebar there to the section on writing and rating stars. This expalins the star system in the clearest possible terms. You need to write a minimum number of articles before you can earn a writing star (I can't remeber how many exactly, but I think 3 is not enough). Your articles will be rated by other users if they are in competitive titles (that is, as long as other writers have written articles to the same title). And if you get good ratings, then you will earn your first writing star. Good luck!