United States
July 2, 2010 4:39pm CST
Adding polls to mylot topics, I feel this would really get topics going better. I see topics and responses with emoticons? Can we add HTML code to topics, and if so could we post HTML polls? Is it possible or at least will it become an option soon? I vote mylot should have polls on topics, what do you think? Polls YES,or polls NO?
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@mysdianait (64272)
• Italy
2 Jul 10
Polls are not discussions. MyLot is a discussions site. It is not a paid-to-post or a poll site and in the Guidelines we are told that polls will be deleted. There are many other sites for polls so let's keep myLot for discussions.
• United States
3 Jul 10
Yes your right there are plenty of sites for polls specifically and a lot of paid for sites I've taken a peek into some of them myself, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to have polls in addition to topics, no-one needs to be paid anything extra Zero :-) but wouldn't it be nice to see an overall- view on a topic in the form of maybe a pie chart or a graph? We always read response after response for each topic and we see banter back and fourth "yes I agree" "no I think this" why not see a general view in another form in addition to the topics we love to respond to and create :-) ha ha ha Who knows maybe it would dial-down on some comments that are off-topic of the topic? P.S. Thank you for responding with a real point view :-)