Kind of people you hate most...!

July 2, 2010 11:11pm CST
In our life,we will meet a lot of people with different character Sometimes we meet people that make us feel very uncomfortable or makes us just wanna puch them. For me they are people that cocky, smart as*,bi**h, having bad smell, and dirty Just wondering what kind of people will make you feel so...
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• Malaysia
3 Jul 10
I hate people who thinks he or she is smarter than everyone else. I really hate these type of people because most of the time they will only talk about themselves, look down on others whom they feel are not compatible to mingle with them and arrogant. When I am near to someone who has this attitude, I would rather distance myself than having a conversation with him or her. I think it would just be a waste of time if I make friends with these people because in the end I am the one who will get hurt of their bad attitude. I also hate people who likes to gossip about others. People who likes to find faults of others are those who feel they are correct all the time and other people are always not right. I will avoid these people as well.
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@sasuke96 (799)
• India
4 Jul 10
Hello friend! See human is a social animal so we must not hate each other. But I don't like selfis and unhearted people but not hate them.
@dian21 (606)
• Philippines
3 Jul 10
I agree that there are different characters that we meet each day. Sometimes they really annoy or frustrates us. Whatever we hate about that person, be it because of his character or physical attributes, we should be flexible to accept them as like that. We can't change anyone especially those that we don't know. For me, it is better just to be quiet, just avoid that person if you really can't take what you hate about him. We should still respect the other people even if they are like this or like that because we are not even perfect.
3 Jul 10
the people that are so full of themselves and never see's anything good in others.