Best music instrument you like

@leo2050 (349)
July 3, 2010 1:32am CST
Everyone likes music. Music is in everyone's soul, its just we need to find passion in it. So guys most of us here are musicians. So let us discuss you favourite music instrument here. to start with, let me answer first; Well I like guiatr very much. Iam an electric guitarist in my band.
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• Canada
4 Jul 10
Hi, My favorite instrument to play and listen to is the guitar, and I am also the guitarist in my band. I love the raw sound of just a guitar, but I also love all the effects you can add to the guitar to make a sound completely different from any other instrument. I also like the sound of the piano and violins/cellos in music, usually when they either make up the melody or they harmonize with the vocals.
@Jaluke (677)
• United States
3 Jul 10
As far as listening goes, I absolutely love listening to songs that have just been stripped down to an acoustic guitar. The instrument I play and play well however is the piano. It's what I use whenever I play gigs or whenever I want to write my own music. I used to play guitar like 7 years ago but I haven't touched it in that amount of time so I'm extremely rusty and basically not good at it.
• Sri Lanka
3 Jul 10
Mmmmm....this is very much loving theme to me because music is my soul too.I'm a real music lover.the best music instrument is mine is Violin......I am practicing it everyday....It gives a lovely tune to my ears and it heals all the mental problems that I have.I love it very much.....Violine..I Love You....
@puccagirl (7316)
• Israel
3 Jul 10
I also love the guitar, even though I do not play it myself. By far the best instrument!
• Hong Kong
3 Jul 10
Welcome to myLot! I like the guitar but I like the violin most, because I play it myself. I like the variety of sounds it can play and also its elegance.