So what's the secret about PTC sites?

@ilann1 (373)
July 3, 2010 5:35am CST
How do people manage to gain profits from those? Do you just join tons of click sites? Do you updrage your accounts? Do you hunt for refferals? If so, how? o.o I'd really like to know the secret of succes with those sites... I varely pull off a dollar a day, and it's painful D:
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• United States
3 Jul 10
I belong to dozens of programs that are paying. Many of these are old timer sites that have no direct referral cap. I have been building a down line at these sites for years. It doesn't make a difference how many members the site has...there are always new people coming online seeking earning opportunities. Then there are the newer sites...some are doing quite well. I personally don't join every new program...most are either obvious scams or are leaning in that direction. I prefer to increase my earnings each month...not chase them. My best promotional tool is my own domain website/blog. They are a great way to showcase myself and promote my programs. I recently started a forum that gives others a chance to learn and share about earning online and a place to promote. I really enjoy what I do and helping others to get started. Have a great weekend
• United States
5 Jul 10
Thank you for best response
@skkalra (966)
• India
3 Jul 10
There are few people who are ready to take risks of upgrading / renting good number of refs ..on the sites on early days of site launch and as you must know most the even scam site do pay for the few months to attract more gentry, and those who invested may be lucky to get paid during this time.. And so they earn too, ( but always keep in mind that some times this calculation do fail, as site never pays ) Well, while the other option of getting direct ref has no risk, but the loss of efforts, if site closes.. But, one thing is clear that you must have to work to get some extra cash. Yes, you rightly say, there are people who work on a large number of sites, such that they get paid some good amount at the end of the day. Thanks /Good Luck