Has the stimulus money helped?

United States
July 3, 2010 11:46am CST
Has the stimulus money helped ourr economy or has it been totally irrelevant? Jobsless numbers are 9.5 percent nationally and it is said that 650,00 people stop looking for work. How can they determine that. All numbers dealing with human beings are very hard to accurately measure. This is why you can never totally depend on polls. If president Obama had listened to the polls and what people say he would be in the senate still. The economy has fallen yes. I have lost 300 dollars in the stock market in three months. I believe the oil spill is having a bad effect also finacial regulatory reform must start to balance out and begin to establish so banks and other financiqal instutions know what to expect. The economy will turn around. There will be new green jobs and new supergrid technology jobs as well as small business jobs. As everything it takes preparation, passion and perseverance. The economy did not tank over night and wont be fixed overnight but it is moving in the right direction and I expect my stocks to grow and the economy to flourish for those that keep positive.
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