Difficult of making friends

July 4, 2010 2:04am CST
Making good friendship is hard one in my life. i can't make many friends because i'm a shy person.I have this question long time how to make friends in easy way..how many friends you have?
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@besthope44 (12145)
• India
16 Jul 10
Well starting its common to be shy. But once you get close with friends, they are the best to share your good and bad.
• Ethiopia
5 Jul 10
I am shy too but i am solving by problem trying to be not shy as much as possible,try to talk to people,smile give an opinion,i think this things,will help a lot to avoid your shyness.
@topetotz (163)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
I'm a shy person too, but i do have many friends. I don't know either how i get many friends, maybe because of my friends. All i know is i just show who i really am, but when there someone i still don't know that much, i tend to get quiet. So just chill out and be who you really are, you'll get friends too. Thanks for the topic Much respect
@fornalina (157)
• Poland
4 Jul 10
I have only few friends that are 'real' friends because what is important is not quantity but quality. I prefer to have only few friends on who I can depend anytime that lots of them and noone to trust. Making friends is not easy but you have to fight your shyness. What is important is also to find a person that will be the one to make a first step towards friendship - that person would surely fight this shyness with you:)
• Pakistan
4 Jul 10
there are two types of people 1 who become friends 2 who make friends, the people who become friends can survive their friendship for a longtime and in making friends there are some expectation involved every time . so they may not survive for a long term relation and may result into panic,
@sasuke96 (799)
• India
4 Jul 10
Hello friend! You know that human are called social animals as they love to live with friends. I know that there are shy people in this world who feel ashamed for starting friendship with unknown person. I will suggest them that they must remember that we are all human being and we a re social animals. And the main thing is that, we can only share some of our opinions with friends and none other. We can't share this type of opinions with parents. So, its recommended for shy people to forget shying and make friendship with unknown person. I have over 1000 online friends and more than hundred my area friends. I can share my private opinions with them happily!
• India
4 Jul 10
like you i am also a very shy person and i am very uneasy with new persons. At this particular time i dont have any true friend. My old best friend now spends more time with his new friends with whom i am uncomfortable.This has started from past two years and this is a hard time for me. I have no one to share my feelings. I have friends but those are not that close to me. I want to ask how to keep your old friends at high friendship with you??????? Thanks!!