Why are cockroaches not scared of people?

July 4, 2010 7:14am CST
I hate it when I see cockroaches. I even hate it more when they come after me like they're not even aware that I can kill them anytime. I don't even know if they have brains. hehe they're just so clueless! Well they're very dirty so we have to get rid of them to prevent the spread of germs.
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@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
yes i also wonder why their response is to go directly at you which is kinda weird. i hate them and have a slight fear of cockroaches
• Philippines
26 Aug 10
I know! It's like their brains are upside down. haha
• Philippines
7 Sep 12
Hahaha. Maybe because they know we're scared of them. I often think about that too. Sometimes they'll even chase us and I hate it and scared at the same time. One time I was in the kitchen and I saw a cockroach, I tried to chase it but I can't, it's just so fast and tiny I can't kill it. Then I gave up, then it started chasing me! I kept running away from it but it runs towards me. It's so scary! Haha.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
30 Aug 12
I'm pretty sure that's because they are the strongest sons of ... in the world: they can take radiation!!!!!!!
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
19 Feb 11
Hi. Ephraim123. I don't like cockroaches either. They are disgusting critters. They love coming in from the outside of your home. I used to live in a trailer that had cockroaches from all over the place. It was a mess!!! I would try to kill as much of them as I can..
• Philippines
28 Nov 10
Maybe they just panicked and headed towards you some sort of a scared reflex mechanism, just my opinion though =)
• Philippines
4 Jul 10
Same here I really hate cockroach actually I have a phobia with it. When I see one right now, I would scream for help because I am afraid to go near them and kill them, I have this thought that they fly and flew in to my face. Yuckk! that's why my sister bought me an insect spray so that I will no longer scream like a child when I see one.