Do you have procrastination problems?

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July 4, 2010 8:35am CST
If you do, why do you think you have them or what do you think is causing them? What do you do about it? Does it interfere with your work and your life? Mine interfere with my work, with keeping myself fed, and with keeping my house clean. I never used to be like this. I used to be really uptight with anxiety problems, but when the anxiety problem ended, it seemed that I could no longer do anything without procrastinating, even when I was feeling anxious. Anyone have a similar experience? If not, when did your procrastination problem start?
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4 Jul 10
I'm a huge procrastinater. Recently I started feeling like something was missing from my life, but instead of doing something about it I just kept thinking about it. I was reading an e-book yesterday that really spoke to me within the first chapter. The point was that tomorrow never comes, so you'll never get where you wanna be or do the things you want to do. I've had this problem for the last 6 years, after I suffered a traumatic incident. I used to be a very confident person but now find I can't do anything with extensive thinking. It really is fraustrating. I decided to write a list of things I would like to do or accomplish. I haven't put a deadline on it but it covers everything from learning a new skill, e.g knitting to facing some of my fears like singing in public. I was then going to keep a diary so everytime I start working towards one of these goals or achieve them I can write about it. Maybe you should consider writing a list - it's actually really satisfying to be able to cross things off your list. :D Try it and see how you feel.
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5 Jul 10
Hi lilkitty15. Thanks for the response. I'm starting to find out that different people can have lots of different causes for their procrastination problems. I thought that was really interesting that your problems started after a traumatic incident. My procrastination problems seem to be the worst at work, and I'm beginning to think I have ADD. (From what I've read, people with ADD have problems with doing things that are not interesting to them but don't have attention problems when they are doing something interesting to them.) I can also relate to what you're saying though. I feel bogged down and inhibited in doing things some days, even if those thing would change my life or put something missing back into my life. I feel like I mull over things more before I get them done when I'm like that. Thanks again!
5 Jul 10
You're very welcome. I read the last comment you wrote out to my husband. We'd never thought about ADD before - just thought I had a really jumpy mind :P but that would make sense. What kind of work do you do? What sort of things do you think too much about and avoid doing? Do you use procrastination to avoid doing things?
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8 Feb 11
not often but lately i have been when it comes to making a dentist appointment! i hate going there!