do you beleive in fate

July 4, 2010 10:31pm CST
In the movie "Matrix" Leo was asked that does he believe in fate, his reply was "NO" and he was asked WHY, he reply and said "He does not like the idea that he is not in control of his life" Somehow I know somethings are pre-destined to happen and I also believe we can influence our fate to some extent. So what do u believe? Do you believe in FATE?
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@incus99 (1086)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
I believe in Fate.. there are really some things in life in your life which is way beyond our control...
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9 Jul 10
I like that, some things are beyond our control
@rappeter13 (5298)
• Romania
2 Aug 10
I believe that we are given a sort of road to walk on but we are free to choose if we want to do this or not. God has given us free will and we are those who decide what to do. We have to pray for God to help us, but we must do all we can to achieve our goals. If we only have to fulfill our destiny, than the Judgement Day has no use, no? then we are not responsible of our acts and we are not to blame for our mistakes. So I do not believe in fate, just in a sort of "road".
• United States
5 Jul 10
I do not believe in simplistic fate. Fate is the predestination of all things, in this I do not believe as we are given the wonderful gift of "Free Will". Now complex Fate, yes I do believe. Complex Fate is called complex as we have several different fates that our lives can run and it is our choices which choose which fate we live. Remember those choice books where you choose the outcome, "if you open the door turn to page 57 if you choose to ignore the door continue reading." that is the fate I believe in as I believe we do have free will and it is our free will that determines our fate. This Complex Fate would be grouped into the theory of alternate universes as every choice creates another reality. I hope that this has answered your question, have a great day!!!