dry, brittle, falling hair, dry feet and sensitive skin?

@Ritchelle (3797)
July 5, 2010 2:01am CST
i'd say use lactacyd toddler wash. am not sure whether this is available in your country but it has lactic acid in it. my hair is falling out and i cannot use the anti-hair fall shampoos being sold since my sensitive and oily skin easily breaks out not to mention i have chemical sensitivity to scents. i've been hearing food in is good for skin out so having the chemical property of milk i decided to use lactacyd toddler wash for my hair since it had been doing wonders to another often dry area of the human body: my feet. after 3 washings of my hair with lactacyd toddler wash i can't believe that it's working. try it! you can also use it on your limbs and kiss your lotions goodbye. of course, for the other parts of the body that is in the danger zone of getting smelly fast: use the mildest antibacterial soap you can find.
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• Philippines
5 Jul 10
is this the blue one? i'll try this for my hair! thanks ritchelle!
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@Ritchelle (3797)
• Philippines
6 Jul 10
i cannot find a picture of it on the net but it is blue (specifically the one that has stripes of blue, purple and white). not the baby bath formula that comes in a white bottle that has only two components of that lactacyd formula indicated in the back. this is still drying. the toddler wash formula or lactacyd bubbles is the one i recommend. it is packaged in an array of colors from white, purple and blue. there is a new formula out but i haven't tried this. i've read the components in this new formula and they took about 2 components off the purple packaged one. this new formula of lactacyd is packaged in white and yellow.