Doctors and Medical Representatives

July 5, 2010 2:13am CST
I've worked as an Asthma-Free Specialist before for a popular brand of Asthma Inhalers. My duty is to collect asthma patient's forms after the doctor's duty. So, most of the time I was just waiting outside the Doctor's clinics. While waiting, I've observed that a lot of MedReps are waiting outside the clinic too and once the Doctor arrives they will enter one by one, in between the patients. Of course, they are convincing the Doctor that their medicine is better than the other company and the Doctor should endorse it to their patients. Actually I've also learned that MedReps are given special budget to treat the Doctors assigned to them for lunch or dinner, atleast once a month.. So, it made me wonder, whether the Doctors are really giving us the medicine that will cure us of our sickness or they are just telling us to buy the medicine that they are supporting because they are favoring their favorite MedReps so that the Doctor will receive a valuable amount or a latest gadget if the sales of that MedRep increases.
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