Super luxury and super poverty.

@sasuke96 (799)
July 5, 2010 6:55am CST
Hello friends! See..... I live in India and you can say it is a poor country. I can see only two kind of people in here - super rich/luxury and super poor people. I will tell you a story of my life, you can say this a incident too. Yesterday we went to a wedding ceremony near our house. It was a large lovely palace with super luxury things. This is just purely a sign of richness. We enjoy the environment there with our heart. At dinner we saw there are more than 100 items for eat. We ate till our stomach going to blast. Then when we started preparation of our returning in home. We saw that about some KGs of foods were extra and they were taken straight in the dustbin. Outside the palace there was many beggars who may never eat foods so delicious. We told the head to give the extra foods to these poor people. But you know what he said!? He said - "If I gave my foods to these poor people then my daughter will have a very bad life with his newly wedded husband". I didn't know the relation between foods for the poor and a female's life. I learned that the millionaire guy don't wanted to help poor. We live in same country and we belong to the same race. Then why there are disaster in all over the world? Why does our human kind is separated with two different and opposite kind [poor and rich]? Please share your thoughts friends!
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@knicnax (2234)
• Philippines
5 Jul 10
wow, talk about major selfishness! The rich have this tendency of hating the poor, and the poor have this tendency of hating the rich, so I guess it's only fair, but still people all over the world should be generous. If you think about it, the root of all wars is selfishness. one country wants it all, others wont give it, they go to war. It's a never ending battle of who should conquer and it will be the human race's downfall :(