How to control a people?

July 5, 2010 7:57am CST
There are three type of power in this world that can easily control other people. The 1st one is The Power of Money, 2nd is The Power of Violence and the 3rd is The Power of Beauty. Everybody know that you can do anything with money, if u can offer a very High Price, theoretically u can even order a billionaire to wash your car for you. If you point a gun on me, i will definitely be obedient. In my country, apply for a passport usually take 3 days to get everything done in government department. But my friend who is a very beautiful managed to get it done by the day she applied on spot with the help of the male officers. Of course to be honest she is a professional model in my country. Therefore, the world is not unfair at all. Living in the world of unfair, how can a people survive without money, weapon and temptation. Now i am going to tell u an unfair secret: IF YOU HAVE A SUPERIOR MEANS OF........ You can make the rich give you the money. You can also make the people that point a gun on you become a friend of you,not to mention, u can even make the beauty become your lover!
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@dsrp82 (678)
• Brazil
5 Jul 10
So true! If you're rich or beautiful you can get anything you want. If you're both... OMG, no comments LOL. The violence issue it's also true. Life is a...