from where did GODs came

@sarath49 (762)
July 5, 2010 7:53pm CST
some belives that GOD is the energy the surround us and these energy make us people feel that the GOD are making doing this and are being followed to us all time. now if this is the energy then why do we have historic debate about those stories and puranas that depict GOD as a powerful creature than normal human being. Now Stepehe Hawkings says that alies do exist, if they do exist then do these aliens landed on earth as GOD and try to give us their way of lifestyle an culture that we are leading. it may be true as these aliens may be much more powerful and much more human look like, and they wanted us to know how to survive and when they realized that we have accomplised it patrly they left us. they may be technologically advanced or biologically advanced creators to travel long distances from distance source or may be nomads roaming around the whole galaxy
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