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July 5, 2010 10:44pm CST
There are many disadvantages to living in a commonwealth state, particularly in the small city in which I live. My city has old money and believes in keeping prehistoric sites alive rather than creating jobs for the population here. There is very little opportunity here. Though the cost of living is cheaper here than most areas, finding a job is a million times harder even with post-secondary education. The city was built on a major textile company that filed Chapter 11 a few years ago leaving most of the city that it employed jobless, unemployed with the option to use the Trade Act and return to school or take an incentive. Do you live in a Commonwealth state? If so, what do you think would change if your state wasn't Commonwealth? Non-commonwealth state comments welcome!
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@LovelyxOdd (1201)
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11 Jun 12
I've lived in Virginia my whole life. A commonwealth state does indeed have it's pros and cons, but overall it's good because it helps provide help and necessities for those less fortunate with families who are struggling. Also, all the beautiful historic landmarks, buildings and sites are irreplaceable and give the city character and charm. Why do so many people want to tear everything down and forget the past? There are other states I'd rather live in, like Florida, but not for political reasons, just geographic reasons. I still love Virginia. It's not too bad of a state.
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15 Jun 12
hi lovelyxodd! mr. psychoartist lived in virginia as a child, but i had not had an opportunity to visit there until last autumn...i was is a truly beautiful state and i would love to go back there again...we visited richmond, where we have friends, and i would like to live there..and saw some beautiful blue ridge mountains...when we came back home i painted a picture of the mountains and named it "virginia" ...i was born in tampa, florida and still have relatives in florida...i love florida but i think i would prefer the more temperate climate that you enjoy in virginia!
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15 Aug 12
I live in Virginia, too and have so my entire life. However, I was born in Newark, NJ. I do love the climate and landscape, but there's more realistically to living in a place economically than that. I can agree with both of you on some points, however I feel that there are many laws in Virginia that need to undergo amending. I live right on the border of Virginia and North Carolina. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts!!