gleason score of4+4=8 how dangerouse is it ? psa 24

August 31, 2006 1:04pm CST
I had internat scrapin of the prostate pland 8 yeras ago . MY psa tests remaid bellow 2 for all these years. on march this year(after additional years passed) the psa climb to 14 than 3 mounths later it jumpt to 23. On march I took 3 months of taking antibiotics the result worsend as mentioned above. 3 weeks ago I did a biopsit of the prostate,nos 8 samples where taken. the resukts are: Gleason score 4+4=8 one sample was found malignent (ADENOCARCINOMA) the size of tumor size is 0.2*0.6 mm. What would be the best and most efficien treatement and/or combination you recommand considering all uptodate treatemens exisit here and available to me and the urgency to start them. thank you Ouri T. Carmil
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