Keeping faith on your partner

@sriroshan (2586)
July 6, 2010 1:14am CST
It is very easy to continue the relationship with someone but most of the time, in many cases, it is difficult to maintain the smooth relationship. It may be because of misunderstanding between the partner or may be because of some other person who try to puts the fuel in one relationship. So advice to be cool and understand your partner and don't listen to unwanted gossip of your partner. It is faith that keep your relationship good
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@Metatronik (5923)
• Pasay, Philippines
13 Jul 10
Sometimes the misunderstanding includes too different beliefs that force to each other that is why it will really end up arguments or fightings. Trust is also included in the list to have an stable relationship. If the other one project himself that he is not the person that would trust then it will also fail.
• United Arab Emirates
6 Jul 10
Faith, Trust & Forgiveness...these are the important ingredients of a happy relationship. You need to have faith in your partner, keep your trust on her and forgiveness is also important. At times its difficult be we need to remember that we are human beings and tend to make mistakes. So we need to forgive aswell. when we forgive them we can expect them to forgive us as well.....
• Singapore
6 Jul 10
I had a lot of faith on my partner, but he violated my trust in him. Even then, I continued to have faith. I never believed deep inside him, he's such a person because we are people with faith and religion. Our religion leave guidelines on correct and expected behaviour. I know he know what he did was wrong, but got distracted and needed to get back on track. I realise that I was the one who is supposed to bring him back to the right path. I kept my faith in him. Thank goodness, things turned out well. You are right about staying cool, which is very difficult to do at times.