July 6, 2010 2:08am CST
Do you think Hot Pants look cool in the rainy season?
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6 Jul 10
Not at all... Can U imagine wearing hot pants in the middle of the rain or walking on the muddy road?? That will be so dirty.... Anyway is there anyone who wanna wear a hot pants in the rainy season? Is there any, she must be wanna show off her legs. She can't be stifling right? Not in the rainy season..
@samaire (154)
• United States
13 Jul 10
Hot pants are too hot to stay at home. It doesn't matter the weather. I wear them in winter with black leggings ang hot boots! You have to have fun with clothes. No, i don't look like hooker if you think that! If everything is colour coordinated you can look really sexy and sophisticated. I wore hot wite hot pants with ugg boots and t-shirt in the middle of the rain, it was hot and i felt so free!!! :))
• China
6 Jul 10
No ,I don't think so.But I feel it's very hot.:)