Absent for almost two weeks here in mylot because of my sickness

July 6, 2010 4:19am CST
Well, my sickness is not that too serious (that’s what I think at first)… Two weeks ago, I had an on and off fever, night chills, muscle pain and a severe headache which is I think I feel like there’s something drilling in my head… I thought it will went away for 3 days but in the fourth day still continues so I went to the doctor near here in my place… It was Monday then, the doctor asked me a lot of questions and he wanted me to have a blood test and a chest x-ray… A blood test for dengue fever or also known as breakbone fever (which you know here in the Philippines, its rainy season and a lot of mosquitoes) and a chest x-ray for tuberculosis… Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe that maybe I could have TB! I could get the result of my blood test that day and the findings of my doctor was that I am negative from dengue… So now I thought that I already have a TB… But come to think of it, at that time I do not have any cough… My breathing is normal but then I had my chest x-ray but I could get the result tomorrow… So I went back the next day I have to get my result and the doctor found my x-ray essentially normal chest! So that means I have no TB! She couldn’t find any problem in my lungs… So then, she asked another series of questions… I said to her that the color of my urine is too yellowish but I don’t feel pain whenever I pee… She noted that but she said I have to get another test… Which are TSH, T3 and T4 … a test for goiter… Maybe I could have it because we have a history of goiter in my family… And another test which is Malarial smear… Maybe I could have Malaria… My sister told me that why would I have to take a test for goiter… When they had it, the symptoms were sudden drop or gain weight and noticeable bulk in front of the neck… So that’s why maybe I couldn’t have it… So me and my sister went to a diagnostic center near her house (we don’t live in the same house)… I only had a test for malarial smear and we went to her doctor… The doctor said to me that I do not have malaria…the test was negative… So what test could I have again? During those days, I couldn’t eat but only small amount of food… I still have night chills and still have a very bad headache! I only want to just lie down on my bed and do nothing but sleep… The doctor gave me another test… Which is urinalysis and a Widal test (maybe I have a Typhoid fever)… Guess what after I got my results the next day and gave it to the doctor… My widal test was negative but I have a urinary tract infection (UTI)! I said to the doctor that how could I have it… Yes, my urine was too yellowish but I do not feel pain whenever I pee… My kidneys were already infected that’s why I got a very severe headache… Night chills and an on and off fever… I have to take an antibiotic, which is Ciprobay twice a day for 1 week… If I still have headache after 3 or 4 days the doctor said to me that I have to confine in a hospital… Well, thank goodness! On the fourth day, the pain on my head gradually subsided… The on and off fever and the night chills were gone… Which leaves me only my body was a little too thin! Now, this was my first unforgettable sickness I had since my childhood days… Especially with that headache!!! Have you had any experiences like mine which the pain unbearable and going to diagnostic center and then go back to the doctor the next day and having another test again because the first was negative and getting blood twice for several cc’s I think just for the test!
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