Do you have a favourite scene or an episode?

@LeoWyatt (170)
July 6, 2010 1:34pm CST
Do you have a favourite scene or an episode? My favourite episode is when they found a crayon in Homer's brain and they removed it and turns out Homer was smart. Really funny episode, then they put in back in his brain and he became dumb again? This is an old episode from 11 season I think but it is cool. What about you?
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• Philippines
9 Sep 10
I like the scene were Nelson Muntz laughing at people until a small car came by and the driver's head was on above the roof then the driver got angry then got out of the car, and he was like 8ft tall. Sorry it's hard to explain and it's not on the youtube anymore. :(
• Philippines
11 Aug 10
my fav episode which i forgot the title was when the family went to brazil to look for lisa's friend which she helped financially i think.then homer simpson got kidnapped,he was supposed to give himself up just to protect his son bart but when he turned to his son,bart was already running away around the cornet,and homer was left in the car screaming for help.bart arrived in the hotel like nothings going on and proceed to watch television.his mom asked him about his dad,and he just said he got kidnapped.i was really laughing.barts mom and lisa went nuts,while he was just watching a nudy show on t.v..what a crazy family.
@Thumb86 (290)
25 Jul 10
For the longest time, The nuclear pant softball episode was my favorite. You know the one where burns hires all thos major league stars to play for the plant softball team? that is a classic episode! I also like the Flaming Moe episode, where Moe steals Homers drink idea. I recently saw the Homer Goes To College episode and I think that one is my new fave.
• Malaysia
6 Jul 10
i liked the one where Homer went to space..haha.. and i still can't believe they made Homer become an astronaut! hahaa.. but i'm not sure which episode it was though...