How often do you have a fight with your family ?

@LeoWyatt (170)
July 6, 2010 3:17pm CST
How often do you have a fight with your family? I often fight with my parents, I fight with my dad, with my mum, but we always use to make the things up. How about you, do you get along with your parents PERFECT or not. I don't think there are people that don't have fights.
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@tammys85 (11875)
• United States
9 Jul 10
I'd say from time to time I get into a fight with a family member. Nothing out of the norm, but sometimes things get stressing in a situation and we end up taking it out on each other. Or something is said and it turns into an argument. But we're usually okay with each other sometime later, just need a little time to cool off.
@tuyakiki (3026)
• India
6 Jul 10
I think,a perfect family is near to impossible.Living with others in the same roof,without any fights is a tough situation.Difference of opinions led to fights in our family.. Same is here too...I often had fights with my family.And I am a bit stubborn too and I prefer sticking to my point firmly.But the great discussion led to many solutions sometimes... And honestly speaking, in most cases, my parents won!!!LOL
@geojb90 (471)
• Romania
6 Jul 10
I'm always in a fight with my brother because we have totally different personalities and mentality. He keeps telling me what to do and I don't like that. I would rather get some advice from someone else but not from my brother because sometimes what he is thinking is wrong. Also I fight with my mother but very rarely and usually because she intervenes between me and my brother.