Most Useful language after English

July 7, 2010 5:34am CST
Hi Mylotters!!! I want to learn a foreign language!! Which language could help me most at future in my career ?
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@avani26 (1520)
• India
8 Jul 10
I would surely love to learn French but do not know if I really can now as I am getting old. I would love to roam the world and feel that if one know English that is enough but yes I have heard many people say French is the next best.
@youless (95308)
• Guangzhou, China
7 Jul 10
How about French? It is another worldwide language. I learned a bit French, but I have to say that French is much more difficult than English. I love China
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
7 Jul 10
I learned French. And I would love to say that French is the next most useful language after English. But I would rather say that what would help you most is where you stay and the kind of a career you would choose. If you choose to trade with China later on then Mandarin would certainly be very useful to you. And you should start learning the language now.
@Cutie18f (9563)
• Philippines
7 Jul 10
First, master the English language very well, then, try to learn French. French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world and most English words are of French origin. Many good books and novels also throw in some French words and expressions so it really pays to know this language next to English. Tres bien!