Have you sacrificed anything for your loved ones?

@alienstar (5140)
July 7, 2010 7:06am CST
When we care for somebody, we do sacrifice a lot to make them happy as we always want to see our closed ones happy isn't it? are you one among those who believes in sacrificing for close ones? or you don't believe in sacrificing anything for close ones? i have sacrificed a lot in my life to see my friend happy, to see my mom happy, to see my dad happy etc.But most of the times when our friends do backbite us, we do feel bad isn't it?
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• Malaysia
22 Jul 10
For my own, i think that loving someone, itself, is already a sacrifice. A sacrifice is the sense that you have given your heart and trust to someone who might no value your love or might deceive you in the end. It is a sacrifice because you will be giving up a part of yourself for someone expecting nothing in return except perhaps to be loved back. It is a sacrifice because you will be giving up some of your time to someone and perhaps the joy you feel at having someone to love might not be reciprocated in the true sense of the word "LOVE" as you mean it or want to mean it.
• Germany
7 Jul 10
when it comes to my sisters & brother, yes, i do sacrifice or rather to say, help them alot. Our father left us when i was 5. After i finished college, i have to help my younger sister & brother in school. That was a great sacrifice to allocate more than half of your monthly salary for the tuitions. When both have finished, the load was lighter. Then i purchased a townhse for my elder sister & her daughter to live in. I am still paying it until now...and that has been 11 yrs ago. I am wishing the 2 could at least pay it for themselves...bec i am starting to think, that i have enough sacrifices for them & i want to stop. Helping is good but it also makes people lazy & dependent. The sad thing is, i can no longer sacrifice any more ... i too, have my own family & daughter to prioritize. when it comes to backbites... i do not give a damn for it! It is my life & the others have nothing to say of what i do... i give them NO right.
• United Arab Emirates
7 Jul 10
Hi...I can say that i was sacrificed...i dont say sacrifie, it was the ask of the situation. I was so crazy in love with my Gf She is my wife now). I used to live in a small town ans she in a city. There were no good job opportunities in the town. She asked me to leave the town. I left the town and my parents and went to the city. Now i have been earning 10 times more that what i had been earning. But there has been a bit of communication gap with my parents.