where can i invest $1.5

@ari8388 (167)
July 7, 2010 9:32am CST
hello myloters i have $1.5 in my paypal account i know it is a small amount but i want to do something useful with it i want to invest it . can u tell me a valid site where i can invest it or some ideas by which i can make this money grow ?????????
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@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
9 Jul 10
Hi friend.If you have more money, you can invest in forex investment fund(FIF)for only $1 and up.I also invest here and get the profit for everyday.However you need to open liberty or other account to join it because they do not accept paypal.Hope it help you.
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
8 Jul 10
there are hyip sites but i rarely go there.
@oknoorap (11)
• Indonesia
7 Jul 10
Why don't you spend to HYIP or create little website
@marguicha (100035)
• Chile
7 Jul 10
Save it in paypal until you have $10 and then buy an upgrade at either of two legit sites: wordlix ot linkgrand. Becoming a verified member makes a great difference in the amount of links, And you know they are not scam sites. Do not buy referrals antwhere, not even at neobux. If you are a standard member it´s a waste of money. Just do your maths and you´ll see. Once I rented 100 referrals there. It was the last time I invested in referrals.
• Philippines
7 Jul 10
As of now I don't think there is any way you can invest that amount of money and receive a decent amount in return. HYIP's (high yield investment programs) are usually the fastest and easiest but riskiest way to earn a decent amount of money in a short time. However, these sites do not accept paypal. They only take processors like alertpay and liberty reserve.
@magtibaygom (4864)
• Philippines
7 Jul 10
That's too small. I suggest hold it for the meantime, and don't hurry to invest. It is also very hard to find websites that offer investment opportunity for your $1.5. Or, maybe somewhere somehow you can find an HYIP that will willing accept your $1.5 and will run away with it. So, take care.
@mturacom (634)
• India
7 Jul 10
I will also suggest you to earn it a little more and then invest. Also if you want to invest it now then I will suggest not to hurry up and be scammed by someone. But I don't have much experience in investing money online and I hope there are other members who will be able to help you out in investing your hard earned money in a safe place.
@hanagi (391)
• Philippines
7 Jul 10
Just give it to me to make my money grow. Just Kidding! Anyway I was trying to figure out on how I could do that too. Unfortunately I don't think there is something you could do with that small amount of money. Maybe you should strive harder to make it grow a little more and then by that time maybe you could find a place to invest it. Even hit just the minimum amount required for a certain investment, like for example forex exchange. I think they have requirements to join. Or Buying a survey kit that would promise to make you earn more money. Sorry Maybe my answer would not help but if you have found a way maybe you could share it with me. :)