is 20dollars2surf is a system slower??

July 7, 2010 12:39pm CST
after installing the tool bar of this 20dollars2surf, my system got a bit slow. will our time and this problem really get paid by this site? day by day my hope on this site is being decreased. from the last month i got just 30 cents by this site for installing the toolbar. how many months it takes to reach 20 dollars if it continues with 30 cents every month? did any one got paid by this site till now? atleast any one having hope on this site? ur honest opinions will make me decide to uninstall this tool bar or not...
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• Laos
13 Jul 10
My computer not slow down with the tool bar. however, the problem is the minimum pay rate is $20. I myself make around $2 per month. So can you guess how long will it takes to get $20. I'm considering whether I will keep using this or not
14 Jul 10
Yes problem is the minimum I'm there from February and I have 10$. This site are good if we have referrals but even if I find some, I have now 20 referrals , after one month they stop use this bar , because they have 2$ a month. People don't understand they must be patient with this site and look referral. If some body can find referrals they should ask them sponsor to help find some.
8 Jul 10
I have even two bar in my computer and I don't see different with and without. In 20 dollars when you are alone you can have about 1 dollar a month ( maybe you have luck and win surfpas then you have more). I'm there from February and now I have 10$ but I'm alone. This program is for people who are good in finding referrals, but sometimes is enough if you find one good referral who will work for you and find many referrals. Because this program have 10 levels and you get 10% from all them. And this program paying I know people who get money from them , and some have even 100$ a month. So decision is yours.
8 Jul 10
So you see this site is worth but we must be patient. Every day referrals will be growing. For example if we refer 3 person and every person refer 3 person so on the end we will have 59049 so it is big number :D But of course every person must have turning this bar, but if somebody read post person who write is not worth so he stop. People want money very fast but to have some we must really work hard to have it.
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
8 Jul 10
that is why i hate to join sites that will need me to download their toolbars and such.
@smartjack (521)
• India
8 Jul 10
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