where you most wanted to visit again

@sarath49 (762)
July 7, 2010 8:10pm CST
some places tend to facinate more that we ant to visit again and again, and some just stay on there for ever, are you one of them who love to again visit the same place again or you take it a part of your life and you have your hame at your favoirate palce
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• Philippines
8 Jul 10
Yes I am. I have a lot of places that I frequently visit and I don't get sick of doing it. In our town, there's a place in there where people come to sight-see, to over look, to jog, to play, to hang out, because that is such a nice and peaceful place. You can get there just by the road, walking too far, but you won't get tired because you'll love the view! Farms, rivers, lake, I love it! And when you get there, you'll see how simple the life of people living there. Fishermen, farmers, kids happily run and run and play. My favorite spot there is at the top of the flood gate! I feel like I am on the top of the world! And believe it or not, I am the only one allowed to get there that high because the security guard is my friend. I just met him there, actually, when one time, I get there alone, and it rained. No other people went there because of the weather so he invited me to climb up there where I would't get wet. He was 54 years old, but he didn't want to be assigned on any place, but there, because he found the place lovely. And so I shared how I feel about the place, and every time I go there, he allows me to go to the top so I can see the full view. And even now that I am working, I still visit there during my rest days!