eating thr right food

July 8, 2010 3:22am CST
In today's fast paced world wellness has been a very much focused issue. Are you conscious of the food you eat? Do you take time to study the commercial food products you buy? Share your ideas and I'll comment on them as I have been doing much reading on food and nutrition this past months.Hope to hear from you soon.
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• Lithuania
22 Aug 10
Nowadys a lot of food are pollute needles to say abot all these fas food or junk food. I hadn't watched what i am eating till i had serious problems with my helth. i had some ilness with my stomach so now i am picking food wery careful. I try to eat only fresh cooked food.
8 Jul 10
Hmm... I'm not really studying the products I buy. Maybe yes with the new product or Chinesse product. But not really concidering about old/ well known product. I think those product are safe enough to consume because they already licensed and people hv use/eating them for a long time. Maybe I would consider to examining the product I buy.... But the problem is, I don't really know which are the components that endangering our body...