Why there were still people using the same useless way?

July 8, 2010 8:50am CST
Almost all of the articles about marketing teach people to leave a good impression on the customers during the 1st met. But, i am wondering that whether the competitor will be using the same way as what the people did? Have you people realized that some ways or tricks have been using over thousands time and ended up ineffective, but still have people using it out there until now. On the other way round, the ways of cheating people or in other words called the fraudulent methods have been used over thousands time, but still got people get cheated until now. Why the cheaters have been using the same ways to trick people thousands and thousands times, but still got people getting cheated? How they managed to do it?
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
9 Jul 10
Well, the only answer lies with the GREED inside us!! lol =D Because of the easy and fast money, we tend to envy them, and thought we will be able to earn like them too.. BUt too bad, the start up is always so difficult, when one wont know there are already many thousands or even millions of ple before them doing the same thing.. As such by time those newbies market their products, it's too late, as thousands are fighting to market the same thing too.. haha =D SO in a way, ple are being cheated out of their own will without thinking further ahead.. haha