Do you want your partner to miss you whilst you're gone?

@yr4med (15)
July 8, 2010 8:53am CST
So...currently me and my boyfriend are in different countries, for the next 2weeks or so. Last night we were talking on the phone and i said ''I miss you'', to which he responded ''good'', to which i said ''why do you want me to miss you? it feels terrible to miss you, why do you want me to feel so bad?'' And whilst i know he doesn't want me to feel bad, missing someone so much that it hurts is horrible, but at the same time with every minute i think of him I'm hoping he's missing me too... So, do you want your partner to miss you, even though it's technically a 'bad' feeling...? I thought it's an interesting topic :)
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• India
28 Jul 10
off course I want my partner to miss me. If he do not miss me than , I may feel bad and think his love for me has decreased. So any way to keep our love immortal we should always concern about each other.
• Philippines
13 Jul 10
Hmmm, of course i want my bf to miss me not unless he dont miss me coz i am not important to him but ive been in a long distance relationhip and really i feel so bad whenever i need him by my side and hes not their plus the fact thta i terribly missed him nonetheless missing the one u love is a very normal thing to two people sharing the same feeling. Its just normal girl, just know how to keep off with the feeling.
• Portugal
11 Jul 10
sure is sweet^^ and sure we want that person miss us^^ im sure your bf misses you too and soon you will be together again but sometimes is good to be away for awhile too so you see how much the person really means to you^^ even is a bad feeling if the person says to you i miss you is bcs for your boy you are important and his life is not same with you away^^ anyway wish you be happy with him always^^ and that this weeks pass fast^^
@neleene (55)
• Philippines
9 Jul 10
i really love to hear him telling me he miss me ...that much...but sometimes we gauge his love through that really word phrase..which is not can lead into frustration if they fail to tell us...
@LadyMarissa (12161)
• United States
8 Jul 10
WELCOME TO MYLOT!!! Yes, this is an interesting topic!!! Being an outsider in this relationship & preferring to think that I'm seeing things a little more objective than you are, I think your boyfriend is a very selfish man!!! I can't tell whether or not he is happy that you're miserable from missing him. I do hear a man that is happy that you miss him. I seriously doubt that he's missing you as he's too busy thinking of you missing him!!! Personally, I would have taken his response as a negative sign as to how he feels about the relationship. You said that you know he doesn't want you to feel bad. Then why would he say something to make you feel even worse??? At best, he's a very insensitive man!!! Why would you want to be with a man who cares more for himself than he does you???
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
8 Jul 10
I think it's pretty normal to miss your special someone and be missed back. I would't say I want him to "feel bad" because of missing me, but I also wouldn't want him not to miss me. So I guess it's flattering when I know someone misses me so much. But I want him to enjoy his time without me too (but no cheating allowed, and that includes excessive flirting LoL). I guess if that's the case I'll just make sure we talk over the phone at least once a day, and send e-mails or text messages as often as possible to lessen the "bad feeling".
@incus99 (1086)
• Philippines
8 Jul 10
there is exists a Need to be needed .. and signs of missing your partner is an expression of this need which may be fulfilling in some relationship.. an affirmation of fondness and love..