How will you spend your last day on the world?

July 8, 2010 11:08am CST
There is a moment in human life when he starts to think about his death and his presumedly last day. And this question isn't so easy to answer, because in one minute we realize that we have so much to do and one day is too short for it. What would you do on you last day if you would know that this is your last day?
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@hestylim (1211)
• Indonesia
8 Jul 10
If it is possible for me to know when is my last day in this world. I would tell all the people that I love, that I love them. I would apologize to everyone around me no matter I ever hurt them or not. After that, I would like to do what I want to do.. I want to live my life.. To live my life for me. Not for others. I don't want to listen to anybody's comment. I don't want to listen. I want to be carefree. I want to be as free as birds above the sky. I wonder, can I do all those in one-day time? That's why, I always remind myself to live like this is the last day for me to be in this earth.
• Latvia
8 Jul 10
You said that if it would be your last day, you would want to be free and act as you like. But do you try to live with your own choses now? And if not - why don't you make yourself as your master in everyday life?