Abroad cooking PINOY STYLE

July 8, 2010 8:15pm CST
Hi everyone. I just found out a cool and great websites for Filipino dishes. Their tutorials are very easy and simple and the ingredients is not that complicated. For those of you who are missing the filipino food and don't know how to prepare it this is your chance to once again taste the great food of our motherland. Guys I am not claiming that this is my website. I just wanna share to you the good finds coz this might help you. I tried to cook some of this stuffs especially the simple one because I am not a great cook and cooking is not for me I have to rely to recipe book just to finish a great meal. so here.. enjoy.. http://adf.ly/3qqt
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• Philippines
11 Jul 10
Thank you for sharing it. My brother is in abroad and he's cooking his own food. I will be sharing this to him and to all of my friends abroad. I know they really miss Filipino foods.
• Philippines
15 Jul 10
yes please do recommend this site for them. I miss Filipino food too and living abroad is hard and Filipino food are expensive here that's why this site is helpful to those of us living abroad and missing the food back home.
@alaskanray (4642)
• United States
9 Jul 10
Looks like a great website. I had a little difficulty navigating to the recipes I wanted...they're not really sorted as much as I would like to see them but there are plenty of them there! It's pretty time-consuming looking for a particular recipe. Still, there are plenty of good recipes there if you don't mind digging.
• Philippines
15 Jul 10
this is not my website. I just came across with this site when I was looking for a quick simple and easy cooking tutorial for filipino dish. Because I am not a good cook and I am living abroad so this site is a great site because she explained the details perfectly and she recommend a cheap and alternative ingredients.
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• Philippines
17 Jul 10
Hi there! I'm here in the Philippines, but I love following the recipes of this guy from panlasangpinoy.com; I just actually realized that I don't know his name. He's located in the West Coast, I think, and he's blog contains cooking Filipino dishes but he uses ingredients available locally. Like, he once cooked Ginisang Munggo and used Spinach instead of Malunggay, since it was not available. Here's the link to his blog: http://panlasangpinoy.com/ But if you're in Europe, try following Peachy, she's a Bisaya located in Italy: http://cookingwithpeachy.com/