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@Alex18 (170)
United States
July 8, 2010 8:52pm CST
Hello mylotters, have a question for anyone who might know... Does an Open-ended plane ticket exist? Not a one-way ticket but one with no set return date, you just choose when to return at a later time. Thank you.
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@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
10 Jul 10
Alex18, I think you have to clarify what you mean with the term "open ended" here. I am supposing that you are referring to making a return trip from a different city which you arrived at, at the start of the trip. For e.g. you are making a trip to Europe from New York and start your trip by flying New York to London. Upon arriving into London, you will be visiting various other European countries by train or car, where you would conclude your European holiday at Amsterdam. Instead, of flying back to New York from London where you originally arrive, you intend to return from Amsterdam. If this is what you are referring to, then this would be an "open jaw" journey and there are such tickets available. However, you will need to plan ahead and determine your arrival and departure cities for the ticket. The ticket will have different validity where there is an excursion ticket which would have different durations starting from 14 days to 6 months. The maximum validity will be 1 year which is the most expensive of the lot. Whatever the ticket validity may be, it would always be advisable to book a return date for the ticket - starting with the most likely date within the conditions of the ticket. The latter must be observed as most discounted tickets will have travel period restrictions and some will even have flight restrictions. The other blatant fact being that these tickets are nowadays virtual where you do not really have a physical ticket in hand so you will really need to link your reservations to your mobile phone or email address to prompt you of your return confirmed dates. Although, reconfirmation is no longer required, it would still be a good practice to call the airline's reservations (office hours) at least 3 days prior your intended travel to inform your airline of your intention and to check if there's a change of timing or schedule for your return flight. I hope that the above info is what you are looking for and that it will be of help for your trip planning. Have a nice weekend.
@maximax8 (28247)
• United Kingdom
10 Jul 10
I bought an around the world airline ticket. My ticket lasted over one year because I flew with two different airlines. Usually an airline ticket will last for a maximum of one year. I had to say what my route would be and stick to that. However I changed my dates that flew. The only day I had to begin on was the starting date of my ticket. On 24th February that year I flew from London to Los Angeles. It would be worth you buying a flexible ticket that will allow you to change the date you fly home. With some tickets this wouldn't be possible and with a number of tickets there would be a charge for changing the date of homeward travel. When you visit some countries passport control officers will ask how long you are planning to stay in that country. If you have a six month visa and you wish to stay one year you would need to apply for an extension to your visa or perhaps a new visa.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
9 Jul 10
A return ticket which is valid for a year is perhaps what you meant? Yes there is such a thing. It's a little cheaper too. But it depends on the airline whether they have 'stocks' or not. The airline would normally require a tentative return date be printed. But you are free to make a confirmed reservation in advance as long as it is still within the stipulated period with available seats.