July 9, 2010 1:01am CST
i love other people in my life. although already married. whether I should leave my family. before we have a child. this story was my friend. how you guys opinion. if only for reasons to love others, he willingly left his family.
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@Yan0320 (17)
9 Jul 10
My first question: Why did he get married? We always get ready to build a family or a relationship because of trust, love, responsibility and so on, I don't agree with the opinion that we can leave any real relationship especially marriage just on account of changing interesting or feeling. On the other hand, if there is no love between the couple at all, break up ASAP, maybe it will leave less hurt to each other. Just my own opinion, wish helping your friend~O(n_n)O~
10 Jul 10
yes. you right
@KMaroon (269)
• India
9 Jul 10
Hi wizonosugih In my opinion you should not leave your family if you are married because you must think that your family love you very much and they don't want you to leave them and go. It would be different if you were not married, now its your turn to decide whether you love your family or not and whether to leave them or not because you love some one else and want to leave them you should take your spouse's opinion in this matter, then you both have to decide what has to be done.
9 Jul 10
yes, you are right. I was married sometimes very difficult to shake the filling. i should have wasted eway. however. I love my family. thank your support.
@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
9 Jul 10
That's how the natural order of things work. If a man or a woman is at the right age, he/she is supposed to leave his/her parents to start a family of his/her own. Nothing's wrong with that. As long as they're old enough and they are in the appropriate age and mental or psychological capacity.
9 Jul 10
yes, you true, thanks about your opinion