Manila, Philippines
July 9, 2010 5:33am CST
I myself admittedly proud of using Yahoo. This is a functional website, in opening my personal emails I can still continue chatting with friends without interruption (even though without accessing the messenger anymore), it's very handy for everybody. It is useful to use like any other email provider websites. It has a junk folder, new messages on inbox, a spam, a lot of trusted networks having been advertised in here and so still continue on doing transaction with yahoo. It has also a sent folder too which is having the most dependable source of information related to resourcing purposes and filing affiliation. Through sent foder we can still keep our files and use as many times as we want it, especially if we have to send it simply by forwarding to someone who needs. There are many applications we can surely use like paypal and notepad while working out in every transactions here at myLot. I think they are still the most trusted email website in the world and I am convinced as "top number one", correct me if I'm wrong... I'm also using other email websites, but this is the most email source that I actively put myself into actions with myLot. How do you find yahoo website or any other email websites more importantly providing services to you here?
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