How to cure blood cancer?

July 9, 2010 5:55am CST
Hello friends. Do you know how to cure blood cancer?
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• Spain
9 Jul 10
is there even a cure for cancer at all???
@abin1287 (114)
• India
9 Jul 10
cancer can be treated and cured 100% if detected at an early stage.. even if it is detected at a later stage, like when it shows then also it can be treated...and person's life can be increased taking proper medication, chemotherapy,good food supplements, proper care..
• Malaysia
10 Jul 10
Honestly, i got this information from my foundation biology books. There are several kinds of treatment, just depending on which leukaemia you have. 1- chemotherapy (use medicines to destroy the cancel cells) 2- radiotherapy (use X-rays on cancel cells) 3- bone marrow transplant (transferring bone marrow from siblings(either brother or sister) into the patient's body
@qianyun6 (2069)
• China
9 Jul 10
Blood cancer, which is also called leukemia, is one of the most terrible disease in the world...the patient who get it unfortunately lack hematid in his/her blood. In my knowledge, the only way which can cure blood cancer absolutely is bone marrow transplantation. But the cost is extremely high, and money is not the only problem, find suitable bone marrow is much more difficult than money making. Some report said Chinese medicine can be effective too, but the result is not sure.
@incus99 (1086)
• Philippines
9 Jul 10
this really depends on what kind of blood cancer are you talking about: with leukemia and lymphoma its chemotherapy while others benefit from surgical splenectomy..