If You are God for a Day what will you do?

July 9, 2010 12:56pm CST
If you have watch the Film Bruce Almighty and be Bruce what will you do? I'd take out that wretched oil spill and all uncurable diseases can be cured and extracted as cash =) just kidding what do you think?
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@killersss (639)
• India
26 Aug 10
if i were to be a god for one day i can be diplomatic by saying i will do everything for my country and poor ;) of-course i will do that but before that i will make a few changes in my life then will think about others. i will make sure that i don't get problem of money ever. i live a lavish life and i have everything a rich has. then i will think about other problems like environment and all. then i would take of the bad people, i will give them a chance to change themselves and be a good human being. if they don't change they will be punished. there will be no corruption nothing in the country. politicians will be good they will think of their countries first.
@musedsmh (256)
• Indonesia
9 Jul 10
i will make world become one so, there will be no war, world will be peace no more crying from the child who lost thier parents in war we will love each other no more worrying about what will happen tomorrow sorry for my poor english
@funorb12 (459)
• United States
9 Jul 10
Well, If I were god, I would let all planets with life be able to connect with each other. I would only allow safe, and peaceful connections between the two planets. I would also like to put back everything into the Pandora's Box that once escaped. That puts a end to sickness, greed, and a whole other stuff. My the god/goddess be with you!