why do you have a mylot account?

@becdmd (705)
July 9, 2010 10:34pm CST
I've just recall why I'm here at mylot, it is because I was just invited by my friend and the only who who responded to her invitation, that is I'm her only referral haha. Then I realized I'm not really after the points or credits per posts...it's about having fun posting and once in a while enjoying reading other posts which can at the same time get my attention and be informative. But hey, honestly I haven't reached to my payout yet...I'm already here for a year now, because I'm not that active. Once in a while I'm visiting this site..then sometimes I'm busy with other things, but the good thing here is that the points I earned is still here. Can always go back when I want to and have to be patient for my payout LOL! How about you mylotters? Are you here for money or just fun? Do you find it easy to get a lot of referrals? How many times did you reached your payout? Pls. Do share your experiences. Thanks for posting!
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
11 Jul 10
The reason that I had myLot at least to start out, was to make some extra money online. Something about this website caught my eye. Let's face it, I enjoy running my mouth and writing about various things on the Internet. Therefore, why can't I get paid a bit of money for something that I might do for free. MyLot is a rather perfect match for something like that. These days, the money just seems like an added bonus. There is just so much to do. It is just something fun that I do online. I do think that if you steadily write throughout the month, you'll make the minimal payout, without too much thought about it. I know that's something I have done. So yeah, getting paid, while having fun and also sharpening my writing skills, is basically the perfect combination. That is why I have a myLot account, in general.
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• United States
10 Jul 10
I have a myLot account for the same reason I have an account with some of the other social sites. These sites enable me to help people in my particular niche, allow me to network, and enable me to get information on other business opportunities available online. I could care less about the other bells and whistles that might come with the site.
@hristo95 (102)
• Bulgaria
10 Jul 10
I heard about from a friend of mine who was registered on this site and started making money from this site . When I heard this I thought that I was lying , but once I registered and I saw things and proved true. Since then I started to write commentars and to ear money for this. That is my answer for your question . I holp I helped for your developing in the site . Good luck and write more commentars.