How to run 5 kilometers continously??

@satz0249 (125)
July 10, 2010 11:40am CST
I had a thought before that running a distance was easy.. but recently i ran a mini marathon .. at the beginning i looked good, but after sometime i had something in my chest ,it was as if my muscles had contracted.but somehow i managed to complete it. Now am working hard to become a good runner.. can the good runners around suggest me the ways to improve myself in running and guide me to run 5kms continuosly and at a constant speed
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• United States
14 Jul 10
You have to start small and build up to 5K. I thought it was an insurmountable task but I did it. I have run 10 5K races to date. I didn't run the entire race for the first couple, but that became my goal. I finally did it! I have run up to 8 miles without stopping now. You just have to keep at it and go a little longer each time and don't try to bite off too much or it can become a major setback.
@aaitrahb (52)
• Australia
12 Jul 10
Make sure you do a good warm up by doing a few shorter runs to warm up your muscles and then stretching them well but not too hard. You won't be able to do the 5 k straight away, so practice slightly shorter distances a couple of times a week.
@LeoWyatt (170)
• Bulgaria
10 Jul 10
I run 12 laps in the stadium here - those are 5 kilometers and i do it really hard it wants to start from half a kilometer or less.