windows 7

United States
July 10, 2010 6:42pm CST
So what does everyone think of windows 7? do you think its better then Xp Or Vista? or are you a mac user? I find it interesting how so many people have different a OS
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@sunu0000 (43)
• India
5 Aug 10
I think among the windows ....xp is best in performance and 7 is best in looks........but overall UBUNTU is the best.....its stable , safe ....and yields best looks and performance...
• Philippines
12 Jul 10
Windows 7 is better than XP or Vista. :-)
• Indonesia
11 Jul 10
Windows 7 is big... and heavy... you need fast PC and enough RAM for Windows 7. But... Win7 is better than Vista... There something I love about Windows 7 and not. Windows 7 have good look, I love the glass theme. And better memory allocation if you have enough RAM of course. But Windows 7 lack of compatibility to old program/software... make lot of useless for me.
• United States
11 Jul 10
Hello DigitalRapture, I am a big fan of Windows 7. I have the beta and the RC on my test computer for a while and enjoyed it then, and now have it on both of my computers. "do you think its better then Xp..." Well, XP was a very good operating system, but Win 7 has so many new features, and little things that make everything much easier. When I go back to an XP machine, I get upset because I am missing my various little features that are in Windows 7. One thing to mention as well, is that currently, windows 7 is much better than XP because XP is no longer being updated, so it is gaining more and more security flaws. "...Or Vista?" Windows 7 is MUCH better than Vista. Win 7 is what vista should have been. It runs on the same engine, but runs much cleaner and is far less demanding. Plus, it still has many little ease of access features that are not present in vista. One big thing that people will mention is speed. In general in three operating systems will rank in this order in speed from fastest to slowest. 1. XP 2. Win 7 3. Vista Now, there are explanations for this. XP is old. For what it does, it is not very demanding. Just like if you were to install windows 98 on one of today's new computers, it would be crazy fast, but it would not be able to do a whole lot. Vista is very slow just because it does not seem to be optimized very well. Win 7 is able to be quite powerful, look good, with out sacrificing much speed. If you are having problems running win 7, you must have a very weak computer. My test computer has a 1.6ghz processor and 2gb of ram, and it runs win 7 just fine.
• New Zealand
11 Jul 10
I've tried windows 7 and vista and on both computers I ended up "downgrading" to xp. On the computer i use at the moment I had windows 7 on it and anded up downgrading to xp, windows 7 was simply to slow considering the computers specs for me. So at the moment I dual boot windows xp and Ubuntu (you may want to have a look at it some time its free). I had to spend about a day finding all the drivers for xp on this computer and even it was a challenge to get them installed. Not something i would recommend for a novice computer user but for me the pros where better than the cons cons being time to install, difficulty etc...
@mrcol1010 (209)
• United States
10 Jul 10
I love Windows 7. It is by far the best out there so far.