How to buy Liberty Reserve funds in India

July 10, 2010 11:33pm CST
Can any member let me know where I can buy Liberty Reserve in India at the cheapest rates?
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@topffer (36486)
• Goa, India
11 Jul 10
There is a list of exchangers available for LR in their site : LR recommend to check bsrates -- -- to find the best rates for their e-currency. Personally, I think it is worth the time to check by yourself the list in the LR site and to look at the fees and availability in your country.
11 Jul 10
Dear topffer, Thanks for the info. I will definitely check the links.
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@Yasya08 (214)
• Israel
12 Jul 10
I buy liberti reserve funds at 5% fee, not bad and the company is reliable.
@defcon505 (921)
• United States
11 Jul 10
There are currency exchangers out there. You just need to find them. There are also some users who can give you funds on Liberty Reserve for a small fee. In fact I just exchanged with someone yesterday. I gave him $1.40 (Liberty Reserve) for $1.00 (PayPal).
@rookiekan (883)
• China
11 Jul 10
i dont know clearly about transfer rates in your country.but if u wanna buy LR less than $10,maybe i can help LR is sleep now,i dont know where i can invest those little money online.