"On the streets of Philadelphia..." - Bruce Springsteen

July 11, 2010 6:41am CST
OK this discussion is not about the song of Bruce Springsteen called the streets of Philadelphia. This is about the movie Philadelphia where the song is part of the soundtrack. A very remarkable movie where Tom Hanks won Best Actor in a leading role in 1994 Academy Awards. Together with Tom Hanks is Antonio Banderas and Denzel Washington, the movie also bagged an Oscar for being the Best Music, Original Song. Like my girlfriend, I love watching movies, and she particularly recommended that I watch this movie. And when I watched it, manliness aside, it was the first time I cried because of a movie. I loved how it tackled a very controversial and alarming discrimination to people who have AIDS. I loved how Tom Hanks portrayed his role as a gay lawyer who was fired from his work because one of the board members of the law firm he worked for discovered he has AIDS. The firm made it look like he was fired because of his incompetency even though he's currently their best lawyer and he recently got a promotion. It was sad when he approached Denzel Washington to be his counsel but got turned down because of Denzel's character has a prejudice to gay people. They fought a very good battle in the court, and it was depressing to watch that Tom Hanks is struggling to win his case, while fighting a losing battle with his illness. Have you guys watched Philadelphia? What do you think about the movie? For those of you who haven't watched it, I highly recommend that you watch it as it is very maturely educational since it tackled why people who have the AIDS should not be discriminated and the law which addresses it, and it is also an eye-opener for us that there are people who are gender-bias, discriminating, and strips those who have the illness their chance of equal opportunity.
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