What do you think of right now?

@hushi22 (4940)
July 11, 2010 9:20am CST
I got many ideas on my mind, and starting to list the ones i need to prioritize the most. I always manage to keep my mind busy not with a mere thinking of nonsense things. Sometimes I wish i would. However, these days, I just have too much of things to do. What are you guys thinking right now?
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@nuj_kmr (171)
• India
26 Jul 10
Just now i am thinking about mylot discussion and lunch break..... what curry i should prepare .My mind is focusing on this discussion only and after finishing this discussion i will think nonsense things.
@swn_chik (266)
• India
23 Jul 10
I am thinking when 'm going to get a job..so that i can get settled with my life.
@Unah08 (671)
• Philippines
12 Jul 10
At the moment my mind is working on this discussion. And to be able to answer your query properly I have sync my brain to just focus on this one. Then when I'm finished with this and exited in this page, my mind would just easily shift to other ideas and content. Nice how our brain works, isn't? :)
@Porcospino (18396)
• Denmark
11 Jul 10
Right now I am thinking about my summerjob. I started working two days ago, and there were some practical problems, things didn't exactly go the way that I planned, but in the end everything worked out. Today I am going to be a substitute for a different person and I thinking about the things that I will do today. I hope that everything will go well. I am also thinking about my friend. She went to Greece last week and she is going to spend her holiday there, I hope that she will have a great time.
@annavi23 (6306)
• Philippines
11 Jul 10
hi there,i'm thinking of sleeping but i am here stucked in mylot,hehe seriously,i want to have some money online but i don't know how to...
• Philippines
11 Jul 10
Right Now I am thinking what impact your discussion will have on my future thoughts? Which thoughts did you prioritize and why? Do you use quiet time to allow certain thoughts to crystallize or is it more often best to actively manage our thoughts? My last thought is that you are smiling :) Eric