Addicted to myspace?

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July 11, 2010 5:27pm CST
It seems these days that i cant stay away from myspace! Even when all my friends switch over to facebook and twitter i find my self on myspace. i've tried facebook and found that it isnt even remotely the same. -_- maybe its just me but it seems that im addicted. every now and then ill notice tht its 3 am and im logged in. its getting horrofic. how do yall still feel about myspace?
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8 Aug 10
That happens to me to lol, my gf gets all mad at me because I am always checking my Myspace, ans Facebook I don't really like it I am so used to being on Myspace that that is a must everyday lol
@m_perez (506)
• United States
31 Jul 10
Well I really don't like myspace for some reason. It's just too overrated. I began an account on it like two years ago and that same year I got tired of it. You pretty much go and talk to your friends when you can just do that in person. I think it's best to talk to people in person. As for people who have moved away I just e-mail them or talk to them on the phone. I don't know I just don't like websites like that I need a purpose for them but that's just me. If you feel comfortable with myspace stick with it although i really don't think you should be on at like 3am in the morning. I think you should get rid of the habit of staying on so late.A long time ago I used to be part of a social website like myspace and I was pretty much addicted because I would stay up late on it..really late. I'm glad I got tired of that though. If I were you I would get rid of myspace especially since it's pretty much taking over your life. But if you don't want to get rid of it just yet well i'm sure that sooner or later you'll stop going on so often.
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12 Jul 10
I think im in the minority but personally i still prefer myspace over the facebook trend. Maybe it is just that i dont know that much about facebook. It seems to me you cant personalize your faceboook near as much as on myspace. I like making my profile my own and personal with music, graphics and photos. Maybe facebook is more for people without the creative edge and only interested in the communication side of it. I am much more addicted to the virtual worlds than myspace but i still enjoy keeping intouch with distant friends on myspace.