What is so great about smoking?

July 11, 2010 9:38pm CST
Share your thoughts guys! I've quit smoking already. Not that I miss it. But it makes me wonder why people go back to smoking. Endlessly, warnings are advertised and common knowledge shares it is bad for the health, especially of kids. I hope in our country, they will outrightly ban smoking. I think this is the only way too cut the habit for everyone. It is destroying your health and the environment.
2 responses
• India
19 Jul 10
thank q ,if u have quit smoking ,i m finding difficult,still trying
• Portugal
13 Jul 10
yes i agree with you^^ only way for people to stop smoking is if they dont sell it anymore but as long as it gives money for the government they dont care you know. it will never happen unfortunetely for someone to give up on smoking just if someone convince them to do it or if they decide to do it on their own :( anyway im happy that you quit smoking everyone should quit bcs we can avoid bad things ^^