July 12, 2010 3:44am CST
I believe that this is the term that defines most people and we recognize their terms and we know who they are and how they do things in life. It's their attitude that really determines everything about them, shows how they can well handle situations. My friend used to say that there are only two types of attitudes for him. WALK AS IF YOU RULE THE WORLD OR WALK AS IF YOU DON'T CARE WHO RULES THE WORLD I think he's right and i am more of the second type. What do you think? Which one are you? Would you change your attitude if someone told you it was wrong?
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@megabiz (185)
• United States
12 Jul 10
I would change my attitude if someone saw that I was being very rude and sounding harsh all the time. The life style I grew up in, due to my mom treating me the way she did, I developed a very nasty attitude towards people not wanting anyone to correct me, tell me I can't talk or even hating others trying to help me. I have a hearing problem and can speak clearly. My mom never let me talk and when others asked me a question, she always answered for me. She always corrected me on how it's wrong to cry in public and it's meant to be done behind a closed bedroom door. My mom never let me do anything around the house nor did she ever teach me how to do stuff. Therefore when I got married, I had a nasty attitude always yelling at others to let me talk, to stop correcting me (telling me what to do and how to do it) and screaming at other to not help me as I can do it myself. I got so bad it with my attitude it cause me to lose my kids to DHS, and marriage to fall apart. After the marriage fell apart, my best friend opened my eyes to my attitudes. Now I am a better person. I have a whole new outlook on life. I'm happier. So, YES! When my attitude is out of control and someone points it out to me, I will change that attitude.
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• India
13 Jul 10
good thing. Many people are usually stubborn and never do as they are told to do.