what are you going to do if your 20 year old marriage is crumbling?

@amrddy (215)
July 12, 2010 4:44am CST
I have a friend who was married for twenty years and she has a daughter in college and a son in primary school. She is older by a few years than her husband. Two years ago she was already hearing things about a second woman in her husband's life, and she herself was able to confirm it. Her husband now is detinitely under the clutches of the other woman and she is now being verbally abused. Its making her crazy because she wanted to leave but cannot because of the children. What can be done to help her?
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• Portugal
12 Jul 10
if she is not happy she must leave. she cant be at that house with her husband cheating on her and she is so hurt. her son is already in college so he has already age to understand it and about her young daughter she can talk with her and explain that she will get divorced. your friend deserves to be happy and im sure her kids want the same so she has to talk with them and explain them things and go out of that house and if she wants to take care of her kids she must talk with her husband to have the responsability for them but she cant be unhappy in that house :(