@chuck2 (183)
July 12, 2010 9:25am CST
Yesterday evening, one of our near by neighbor was rushed in to the hospital because of asthma attack. According to the patient She can not breath normally, her cough was badly painful that makes her throat scratch and damage. that's why she made a decision went to the hospital and seek effective treatment. After had gone from the hospital thanks god! it's seems that she's okay now and she's having a home medication for her complete recovery. Question? What causes "Asthma"? Is this hereditary? What are those food to avoid? What is the most effective medicine for "asthma"?How about you? Can you give some ideas about asthma? thanks! happy mylotting..
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@incus99 (1086)
• Philippines
12 Jul 10
Asthma is chronic disease which entails lots of hospital admission during childhood. there is no best medicine for asthma, it is tailored to each patient. though the most common ones are salbutamol (beta antagonist) medications. It is best to avoid allergenic foods like eggs, chicken, shrimps and crabs..