Do you believe in Satanic cults like the ILLUMINATI?

@zel2zel (134)
July 12, 2010 9:26am CST
I have been wondering, and I just don't know what to believe anymore! They say that the music industry is hiding something that is really bad, like music artists engaging in satanic cults. I love music, and I always listen to them. I admire music artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Eminem and others! But after researching and watching documentaries in youtube, its like my mind is in doubt, I don't know if they are true or not. My friends wants me to join in their religion, and I always notice them doing everything just for me to join them. Now I realized that its the same as what's happening in our music industry! Satan wants us to join him, by using all the means, most especially using the music industry. We all know that music is one of the main factors that can affect our lives. This is terrible! If this is true then all of us are already possessed without us even knowing it!
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@X18PRS (114)
• Canada
12 Jul 10
Well, I think that we have to be able to make our own judgements. I mean, just because your favourite artist is part of the Illuminati (if there is still such a thing), doesn't mean that you have to become a follower of Satan (if there is such a thing, also). However, if you watch their music videos and you see symbols that relate to the Illuminati (such as diagrams of the sun to represent a dominating power, etc.), it does seem strange. But, you also have to be smart enough to not let yourself get caught up in all of it too. If you listen to artists like Tupac, though, he seems very confident that there is such a group. Some of his lyrics are just about opposing the Illuminati, which makes me think that people with all this fame and power are being led into these groups. So, I do think that the Illuminati are still around and trying their best to influence us in any way possible (through means of media, music, politicians, etc.). But, I think that if people don't get caught up in it all, then there shouldn't be anything to worry about!
@zel2zel (134)
• Philippines
13 Jul 10
Usually I get addicted to music videos like Lady Gaga's Alejandro. And yeah, there are a lot of symbols also in that music video but I don't believe that there's a satanic cult hidden in it. If we analyze it well, it focus more on 'gays' and the pain that they've been undergoing because of our rotten society. I think it all depends on how you view on things.
• Bulgaria
13 Jul 10
X18PRS dude i agrre with u in most of you're points of view. Yeah 2pac was even part of that group without he know's what he provokes in his early songs,but soon after he goes to jail he got hit by a knowledge from inmates there,u can watch one of his interviews while he is in jail it was avilable in you tube.And after that all his lyrics change,the last album on his live MAKAVELI,was direct asault on them.Named after one of they called greates writers Nikolo Makiaveli ,but actualy he want to get big in they're eyes and be part of they're group,in his book he spoke how to conguer nation without a single fight.They do exist but they are not called Iluminati anymore cuz if we knew about it ,it can't be top of the iceberg.And ye they put this on videos not just to make funny on us,but the most important is that they mess with our mind's and specialy for the growing kids minds,cuz the most popular torture for some captured agent is combination of light's and sound and some chemicals too.The chemicals are in our food from long time. And the other from that music videos is that the children will have them like rolemodels.Zel2zel even u are excelent example for that u point the most of them do u know that Lady Gaga is a transexual,Eminem is a gay,Beyonce is the most popular from them cuz she is maried to the one who does more than anyone in this busines to spread they're words.I think Jay Z is gay too don't get mistaked by this marriage cuz this marriage is like Madonna's with Gay Richie.A wh*re with a hom0. Zel i'm rlly happy for u cuz u start to open you're eyes and mind,keep it up :D
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
3 Mar 11
I believe there are. As we love God I'm sure there are people adoring a lot of other things like those who believe in Satan (I don't believe there is a devil).There are even people who love inanimated objects, like a woman that got married to the Eifel Tower...
• Malaysia
14 Nov 10
I believe...And i noe satan works in ways that is incredibly, based on deceit, fame, influence, power...anyway, worldy stuff...If anyone says that being satanic is a way of standing out, then y not being Godly?? izit because it's too GOOD??? Then y would anyone in their right senses try to b bad on purpose?? Suggestions for ppl with Bibles, memorize verses, read Revelations, and mayb can read the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins(It's not sure to come true or stuff like that, just that it's and interesting interpretation of how the world might end.)
• United States
19 Sep 10
It's true. I can see the ways that I have been programmed myself. It's coming to the poing where you either accept it and embrace it, or give it to God so he can rid your soul of impurities.
@aquariand (466)
16 Jul 10
Hi there, if you want to know more about the Illuminatti you can read up on it via the net . Its not a satanic cult its a secret movement of a group of elite people who are said to control the ways of the world making all the important desisions, much like the masons but more powerful. You can reead about them at
• China
13 Jul 10
No i don't believe.because i think this is fictitious,grandiloquent.
@oldchem1 (8144)
13 Jul 10
You ask Do you believe in Satanic cults like the ILLUMINATI?, well yes of course I believe in them because I know that they exist. They exist historically and in today's society and they also exist fictionally in such works as those by Dan Brown - anyone reading the Da Vinci Code or watching the film will have heard of them. However had you asked Do you agree with Satanic cults like the ILLUMINATI?then my answer would be a great big NO; I don't agree with any Satanic worship or cult and think that they can be very dangerous, especially to impressionable young people. I don't agree with any 'secret' groups or cults like the Free Masons - I am highly suspicious of them, their purposes and their members.
@tap0991 (2767)
• United States
12 Jul 10
Just because a group is different from the way you view religion does not mean that it is a satanic group. The only reason you see this that way is because you do not understand and most likely your religion has told you that people in this other religion are satanic. I am not sure what any of those artists have to do with satanic practices any way. I mean Taylor swift, beyonce, and Eminem I believe are christians. Not too sure about lady gaga but it does not bother me.Does a religion really bother you when you listen to music? Its not like the artist is selling songs to make you convert or anything.
• United States
12 Jul 10
I do believe that music can and is misused for evil purposes. There are two camps you can be in the possessed camp or the oppressed camp. Those that don't believe in Jesus and he's not their Lord and Savior then they can easily be possessed by demonic forces. If you the above is part of your life then you are in the oppressed camp. I know what it's like to be oppressed and I had to have people that truly know Jesus pray for for me and I prayed myself. Zel2zel, this is what I tell everyone, don't join a relgion, create a relationship with Jesus. Talk to Him yourself, ask Him to come into your life for yourself and see how He responds to your request. Don't let anyone pressure you with their relgion, step out in faith and create a relationship with Jesus. What have you got to lose?
@AmandaMBF (284)
• Brazil
12 Jul 10
Yes, I believe. We have lots of crazy persons in our world. Here in Brazil satanic cults notices are common. People who believe in God usually believe in Satan too. The diference is ones venerate God and the others venerate Satan.
@Yuusha (111)
• Sweden
12 Jul 10
The Illuminati does not exist, and who claims they're a satanic cult? You do realize that most satanists don't actually worship the Satan mentioned in the bible, right? Satan, to most satanists, is just a symbol for individuality. Stop making everything in life into some kind of religious war and just enjoy your life instead.