A best fiend a best life partner?

July 12, 2010 9:56am CST
Hi folks do you think that your best friend with whom you share all the ups and downs become your best life partner? I have seen many relationships which fails when a couple become husband and wife after being best friends for long.What do you feel friends?
2 responses
• Philippines
12 Jul 10
yeah...friends could share something that they have..they could be best friends forever..but a friendship that turns into lovers then had some trouble between them? they would not be best friends again...thats for sure..there are maybe, but rare
• India
12 Jul 10
I think friendship has a different nature than life partnership. You can share many things (ups and downs) with you friends without having any pressure or any worry. However you can not share the same with your partner as many of the issues can generate immediate reaction from your partner. friends are i unique position they are very much in the life however at the same time they are at a fare distance (neutrality) from someone's life. Partners on the other hand are tied with various give-n-take relationships, responsibilities. they can not maintain that neutrality which a friend can maintain. thats why partners can not take the place of a friend.